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EASTMAN DOUBLE-X Negative Film 5222/7222 - KODAK Store
Create your story through light and shadow with a film optimized for beautiful images and reliable performance. Designed for general production use outdoors .


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Project Double-X | Welcome
With the demise of Eastman Plus-X Negative Film 5231 (Discontinued April . on the Rangefinder forum and the Eastman Kodak Double-X (5222) group pool on .

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5222 Kodak Black and White Negative DOUBLE-X
5222 Kodak Black and White Negative DOUBLE-X This black-and-white negative camera film is designed for general production use both outdoors and in the .

In George's Cave -- Bolex 16mm short film - YouTube
Nov 26, 2010 . Specs: Bolex H16 16mm Film Camera, Kodak Double-X Negative 100ft & Kodak Vision 3 500T 100ft film stock. Cinema Lab for black & white .

Discussing OROW Film Group in EASTMAN KODAK DOUBLE-X ...
Jan 22, 2012 . OROW Film Group. view profile · inetjoker · Pro User says: Well to hedge my bets I got 400 feet of OROW N74 and I will start testing it this week.

Kodak Double-X | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
Jan 19, 2012 . Yes ... my first test roll of this film has been a real eye opener. . Eastman Double- X 5222 test; light meter; Kodak Double-X; Testing some .

Kodak Vision, Ektachrome and B&W 16mm and Super 16 Cine ...
Kodak, 16mm, Super 16 Vision 2, Vision 3 Ektachrome, film, stock, cine, filmstock. . Download a PDF technical sheet about Kodak Double-X 7222 filmstock .

Intraoral X-Ray Film - Lion's Dental Supply
Kodak Insight IP-22 Double Intraoral X-Ray Film Super poly soft film pk 150. Same As DF-57 But "F" Speed Film. 60% Less Radiation. Catalog # 179-8628 .

Polyester B&W Filters with 16mm Kodak Double-X? -
Nov 16, 2011 . Polyester B&W Filters with 16mm Kodak Double-X? . filters as opposed to glass would not be optimal for shooting on motion picture film? 2.

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Film - Spectra Film & Video
7266 Tri-X 160T/200D (double perf! . 7222 Double-X 200T/250D (single perf), 24.75 . Shoot with any premium Kodak Vision color negative or B/W Tri-X film.

Bulk order Kodak Double-X (5222) [Archive] - APUG
Hi guys, I've been quite keen to try some Kodak Double-X for a while. . These days it seems it's a motion picture film only, you can get it in .

Tetenal : Kodak B/W Aerial Camera Films : PHOTO IMAGING
Kodak Double-X Aerographic Film 2405. High resolution, panchromatic negative aerial camera film with a wide exposure latitude and extended red sensitivity.

Project Double-X | About
Kodak now only make one 35mm B&W negative motion picture film: Eastman Double-X Negative Film 5222, A high speed film with an EI of 200 under tungsten .

Project Double-X | Suppliers for Double-X
Project Double-X logo . ORWO Universal Negative Film UN 54 is a panchromatic medium speed black-and-white negative . Kodak US Sales, Fresh film stock.

101 8403 Kodak Tri-X Aerocon film. Black-and-white, high-speed film for aerial photography, on 5.20-mil triacetate support. 102 2405 Kodak Double-X .

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