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Preaching the Gospel from the Old Testament: A Case Study
Jan 29, 2012 . Last week I shared 3 Guiding Principles for Preaching the Gospel from the Old Testament. But abstract principles like that are of little help .


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Preaching Christ from the Old Testament | The Briefing
Nov 17, 2011 . If we're not careful, our Old Testament preaching can be reduced to a weekly trawl from . I think we need to begin with two key principles: .

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Preaching Christ from the Old Testament: A ... -
In Chapter Five, entitled "New Testament Principles for Preaching Christ from the Old Testament," Greidanus expresses a concern that many of our churches .

"Preaching from the Old Testament" by Donald MacLeod
The importance and proper method for preaching from the Old Testament. . Can we find any general principles to guide us? First of all, we can plant our feet .

Hebrew/Old Testament
Year 3 – Old Testament Preaching This course of 60 lectures begins with a number of lectures which consider the basic hermeneutical principles in preaching .

Charles Simeon Trust - Preaching/Teaching the Old Testament
Preaching and Teaching the Old Testament. Based on the core Principles of Exposition material from the Cornhill Training Course, this volume covers the major .

The Value of Old Testament Law Today
They may ask, if the Old Testament was done away, why do preachers sometimes use it to prove their . The Old Testament Teaches General Principles of Truth .

A Cohesive Theology of Christian Living: Principles from the Book of ...
the text. A six-part theology of Christian living is developed from the preaching outlines . Ultimately, a greater appreciation for the value of the Old Testament in .

OUR MONEY CAN GLORIFY CHRIST - Giving in the Old Testament
Pastors are sometime criticized for preaching on money and giving. . These two messages will explain giving in the Old and New Testaments. . each of us here this morning to study the Old and New Testament principles about giving.

How long is each session? Sixty minutes (45 minutes standing and 15 minutes of floorwork that concentrates on glutes and abdominals)

On Christless Preaching - The Internet Monk
Some preachers love the Old Testament and can easily, in their enthusiasm for . it's called "Powerpoint" preaching, because the inumeration of principles and .

Once again, street preaching is the main method of outreach in the OLD and NEW TESTAMENTS and for over 2000 years has been the most effective method of .

The Art of Preaching Old Testament Narrative |
Mar 3, 2011 . I know, most of us preach Old Testament narratives pretty much like we . That is to say that we read the story, look for a few principles that we .

Is the Old Testament for Christians? by Graeme Goldsworthy
Even if parts of the Old Testament do not appear morally reprehensible to the . accept and see the principles of interpretation that are contained within the Bible itself. . Clowney lays the theoretical foundation for preaching Christ in the whole .

Old Testament Principles
Tithing Principles. I. Old Testament Principles. A. The tithes are . The Levites would be relative to our preachers and priests today. Therefore, our church leaders .

– Kimberly Dupps Truesdell, The Journal Gazette