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“Alaska Native person” means an individual who is . logo or seal, or sold as art or as a dominant feature . violations and unlawful use of the Silver Hand seal .


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Q: What is the Silver Hand program and logo? A: The Silver Hand Program mission is to promote authentic Alaska Native .

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of natural materials from Alaska. Information about the program and the distinctive “silver hand” logo is included in the state travel guide so that visitors know .

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Verify authentic Alaska Native handicrafts through the Silver Hand program. Alaska Native art and crafts are an important and unique part of Alaska's economy, .

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Made in Alaska Logo. The Made in Alaska symbol indicates that a resident artist, craftsperson or manufacturer made the article in Alaska. Silver Hand Logo .

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The Silver Hand program is designed to identify authentic Alaska Native handicrafts. The official symbol is the Silver Hand seal. The artisans using this symbol .

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Be sure to look for the "Made in Alaska" logo, which indicates an item genuinely manufactured in Alaska. If you find a silver hand logo, it identifies the item as a .

Chapter 58. Silver Hand and "Made In Alaska" Programs
Jul 5, 2006 . Duties of a silver hand agent; Section 40 . "Made in Alaska" program; Section 45 . Use of the "Made in Alaska" emblem or representation .

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silver hand native logo The Silver Hand emblem guarantees that the article on which it appears was handcrafted by an Alaskan native. Wherever possible, art or .

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The Silver Hand logo was designed to authenticate arts and crafts made by Alaska Native artisans. You have to be an Alaskan .

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Introducing "OOBLUK," our new line of animal and eco friendly Alaskan hand made and finished . In one of her finest works, Lynn Freed brings to life on canvas the symbol of our great land . Fine quality Zippo lighter in silver brush finish.

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Not all authentic Alaska Native arts and crafts items carry a state certified tag. Those that do may display a Silver Hand symbol which features a silver hand and .

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When buying Native Alaskan handicrafts from anyone other than the artist, always look for the Silver Hand logo that identifies the work as an authentic Native .

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Be sure to look for the Made in Alaska logo, which indicates that an item is an authentic Alaskan artifact. Another logo, the Silver Hand, indicates an item was .

– Kimberly Dupps Truesdell, The Journal Gazette