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The Martini-Henry was a breech-loading single-shot lever-actuated rifle adopted by the . There was also an 1877 carbine version with variations that included a . and (NRA) Civilian and Service Rifle matches from 1872–1904, it was used up to . artillery position or a known massed cavalry position, prior to a main fight.


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The .45-caliber Martini-Henry rifle had a maximum effective range of 400 yards and . He established a cavalry screen on his right flank to check the British . and support elements, civilian camp followers and curious villagers as part of the . with the Martini-Henry rifle; the British native infantry had the older Snider rifles; .

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Martini Henry Zulu War
Ammo from Old Western Scrounger with black powder cartridges. Martini-Henry_Rifle,_Mark_II_1885. Martini-Henry Cavalry Carbine .577/.450 .

Battle of Ahmed Khel - Second Afghan War
The cavalry were armed with sword, lance and carbines, Martini-Henry for the British; Sniders for the Indian. The British artillery, using a variety of guns, many .

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The Martini-Henry rifle was adopted in 1871, featuring a falling-block single-shot breech-loading . Enfield Pattern of 1861 Cavalry Carbine .

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Sep 24, 2008 . The three rifles hung up on the left are Martini-Henrys, a la "Zulu". . The one all the way on the left is the short version, a cavalry carbine (not that rare). . humvees and weapons, wear civilian dress and meet the people.

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Martini-Henrys were the standard British rifles of the late Victorian era, and . of the later Victorian era, and the Martini was also a popular action for civilian rifles. . The Hall rifle : The United States' first breechloading cavalry carbine, the Hall .

US Army Rifle and Carbine Adoption between 1865 and 1900
the civilian sector produced an enormous selection of new carbine and rifle . Cavalry units carried a mixture of breech-loading or repeating carbines with . Remington, Springfield Breech-loading, Sharp's, Morgenstern, Martini-Henry, and .

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5 Snider-Enfield Rifles; 6 Martini-Henry Rifles . Civilian rifles had on rare occasions been used by marksmen during the English Civil War (1642–51). . including infantry, navy and artillery versions, along with shorter carbines for cavalry use.

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. the bombing of civilians ungentlemanly (the Royal Family were his relations, after . of .45" calibre, fired from old single-shot Martini-Henry cavalry carbines.

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Products 1 - 30 of 38 . Martini-Henry Rifles · Martini-Henry Accessories · Martini-Henry . British Flintlock Cavalry Carbine with Saddle Ring: Crown G.R. Marked .

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The British were armed with .45 calibre Martini-Henry breechloading rifles, while the Zulus were armed . Mark I and II Infantry Rifles, and Cavalry Carbine MkI's would have been the most prolific weapons on the . Acting Storekeeper (civilian ) .

MARTINI-HENRY cavalry carbine: .450 shot, EX, $595. All correct, including . ( Carbines without this feature are civilian Winchester reworks or cut-down rifles.) .

British Empire: Forces: Campaigns: Afghanistan: Maiwand 1880
It consisted of one Infantry and one Cavalry Brigade on their way to support a force . the Royal Berkshire) Regiment equipped with the Martini-Henry 0.45 BL rifle, . of Bombay Native Infantry: the 1st Grenadiers and 30th Jacob's Rifles, both with . mules but without most of the civilian transport drivers who had already fled.

The Battle of Abu Klea of the Sudan Campaign 1885
The British troops were all armed with Martini-Henry single shot rifles and 22 inch bayonets, both infantry and cavalry, and mounted on camels, except the . for siege, while at the same time beginning the evacuation of the foreign civilians.

– Kimberly Dupps Truesdell, The Journal Gazette