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All photos by Tim Mallow unless otherwise stated in the caption of the photo . Bobcat tree scratch - a territorial marker placed throughout a bobcat's territory .


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    Bobcat - Lynx rufus - NatureWorks
    The bobcat is about two feet tall from its shoulders to its feet. . Bobcat Click on the images for a larger view. . It lives in dens in a rock or tree crevice. . feces, scent markings, scratches and scrapes (piles of dirt and debris marked with scent ).

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    Bobcat - Virtual Dirt Time
    Bobcat tracks have a certain asymetry to them--toe 3 is longer than the other toes and the interdigital . In this photo, I have marked the bobcat with white sticks and the red fox with blue sticks. . Here a bobcat left a scat and then stopped to scratch. Trees. Wild felines often use trees as scratching posts, much as a house cat.

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How to Shoot Bobcats in Missouri |
The bobcat is generally twice as large as a household cats and sports a black- tipped tail. . paw marks on the ground near scratches on trees where the bobcats mark their territory. . Photo Credit Jupiterimages/liquidlibrary/Getty Images .

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bobcat tree scratches photos

TPWD: Bobcats – Introducing Mammals to Young Naturalists
One way to tell if a bobcat is in the area is by the scratches on tree trunks where . (ta-PEA-tum), located behind the image surface (retina) of the bobcat's eye.

When filming an actual cougar or taking photographs, follow these important tips: . Michigan DNR Website Comparing Cougar, Coyote, Bobcat Tracks . Examples of these scratch trees were found in the same woods as a foal was killed by a .

Aspen Trees | Colorado Nature Narratives
Oct 2, 2011 . Photo Credit: Bark of Aspen Trees by Melissa Walker; Black-capped Chickadee . Then, one of the bobcats began scratching on an aspen tree, .

Bobcat Scratch Post at Prairie Works
Nov 24, 2009 . Bobcats, find it neccesary to scratch the bottom portion of trees just like house cats scratch furniture or a scratching post. Bobcats do this to mark .

Photography by Tom Rasmussen. Bobcat tracks in . across our native bobcat, Lynx rufus. Bobcats have a . of their territory with tree scratches, ground scrapes .

The Lynx or Bobcat
Which is a big reason why as you look at photographs of the lynx or bobcat, . There teritory is marked with feces, urine scent, and by clawing prominent trees in the area. . Badger carries Darkness: Coyote and Bobcat scratch each other .

Bobcats - Living with Wildlife | Washington Department of Fish ...
. a quick dash and then pounce. (Photo by Peggy Faranda) . Bobcats often use trees as scratching posts, much as a house cat. (Courtesy of Virtual Dirt Time) .

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Wildlife Species Guide - Mountain Lion
Read an article from NEBRASKALand Magazine with text and photos by . Bobcats, coyotes, dogs, and domestic cats are often mistaken for mountain lions. . lions can be identified are their tracks, feces, scrapes, and scratches on tree trunks.

ARKive - Bobcat photo - Lynx rufus - G62261
Link to this photo. ARKive photo - Bobcat in a dead tree Embed this ARKive thumbnail link by copying and pasting the code below.

Animal Tracks - Bobcat (Lynx rufus - formerly Felis rufus)
They hunt from the ground, but will pounce on prey from trees. Bobcat young are born in . To see more photos of the bobcat, visit the Bobcat Photos Page or the Bobcat Sighting Page. . There is a scratch mark there. Overall, she appears to .

Bobcat Facts and Information: Facts About the National Bobcat Diet ...
Learn more about the bobcat with these interesting and insightful facts. . range, bobcats mark their territory with feces, urine and scratches on surrounding trees and logs in the area. . Image credit/Wikimedia Commons/Cortada Gonzalez, .

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Photo Gallery · Resources . The Bullfrog, Wood Frog, Northern Cricket Frog, Gray Tree Frog, Spring . Bobcat signs include scratch marks on tree trunks and their paw prints, which look like larger versions of tracks made by house cats.

– Kimberly Dupps Truesdell, The Journal Gazette