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46 USC § 10307 - Posting agreements | LII / Legal Information Institute
Section 10307 requires the master to post a copy of the shipping agreement in a part of the vessel accessible to the crew prior to the commencement of a voyage. . 46 CFR 14 - SHIPMENT AND DISCHARGE OF MERCHANT MARINERS .


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46 USC 10601. Crew Contracts (Vessels > 20 Gross Tons). O Yes O No O N/A. 46 CFR 28.230. Magnetic Compass/Compass Deviation Table. O Yes O No O N/ .

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46 cfr crew agreements

§ 282.21 Wages of officers and crew. :: PART 282--OPERATING ...
46 C.F.R. § 282.21 Wages of officers and crew. . benefits placed into effect for employees covered by collective bargaining agreements, with equal weight to be .

46 CFR Part 16, Chemical Testing - Electronic Code of Federal ...
Serious marine incident means an event defined in 46 CFR 4.03–2. . under this part or 49 CFR part 40 to employers and/or crewmembers in connection with . Compliance with these provisions is a material term of all such agreements and .;sid=de2439b0a1fb0c273b34d232e95630f8;rgn=div5;view=text;node=46:;idno=46;cc=ecfr

Federal Requirements for Commercial Fishing Vessels - NOAA
bays, inlets and rivers (refer to 46 CFR Part 7 for specific descriptions). Coastal . umented crew must comply with the random, pre-employment, and periodic marine . 46 USC 10601 FISHING AGREEMENT—A written fishing agreement .[1].pdf

46 CFR Part 535 | The Federal Maritime Commission (FMC)
535.309 Marine terminal services agreements - exemptions. . an ocean common carrier: salaries and wages of officers and unlicensed crew, including relief .

§ Sec. 258.2 Exceptions.
. (b), or (c) of this section must so indicate on the crew manifest and shall note under . is required by Coast Guard regulation 46 CFR 148.02-3(a) to be kept near the . (ii) There is no collective bargaining agreement in effect in the local port .

Coast Guard Marine Employer Guidebook
46 CFR 4.06 Coast Guard - Mandatory Chemical Testing Following Serious Marine . Certain crewmembers are subject to the regulations of Part 16. . may contract for the provision of MRO services as part of its drug testing program.

Recent Questions & Answers | Transportation & Logistics Council, Inc.
49 CFR Part 377 governs the extension of credit to shippers by motor carriers and provides: . There were no loading or unloading agreements with the carrier. . meals, etc. were recovered for the engineers and the work crew who did the repairs? . 46 CFR Part 531 governs Service Arrangements and 46 CFR 531.3( p) .

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(To be completed by the Govemment after contract award). Exp . ships shall be deemed "crew members" as those terms are used in 46 C.F.R. Part 16. This .

CPL 02-01-020 - CPL 2-1.20 - OSHA/U.S. Coast Guard Authority ...
Nov 8, 1996 . 46 CFR Part 28, "Commercial Fishing Industry Vessel Regulations," Final Rule. . vessels including the master, ship's officers and crew members. . This provision, as modified by later international agreements, states that the .

Marine Safety Manual
bilateral or multilateral agreements which usually address more specific topics and . program regulations are found in Title 33 and Title 46, Code of. Federal Regulations (CFR). . protecting human life at sea, including passengers and crew.,%20Vol%20IX.pdf

(Served ) ( March 11,2009 ) (Maritime Administration! ) (Maritime ...
Mar 11, 2009 . the Agreement were crew wages and protection and indemnity insurance (P&I). The. Maritime Administration's ODS regulations, 46 C.F.R. Part .

United States Coast Guard
46 CFR 16.401. ? ?. Are crew . Have crew members been randomly tested this year? 46 CFR 16.230 . cards for 50% of crew. NVIC 1-91. ? Annual drug and alcohol program audit. 46 CFR Part 16 . Standing agreements valid. 33 CFR .

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